Book Review: E-learning 101

At first glance, e-learning seems like a bit of a beast. It looks pretty wild, and maybe even dangerous. No wonder you’re a little nervous. In reality, e-learning’s not quite so scary. With the right approach, it can be tamed. If you’re an adult learner who’s new to online learning, this guide’s for you.We have one main goal here…

Book Information
Author:Dr Liz Hardy
Date of Publication:2012
Number of Pages:48 with cover

Book Review: E-learning 101

In E-learning 101, Dr Liz Hardy playfully introduces the reader to the world of e Learning. Divided in six unequal lessons, the author explains the concept of electronic learning without going into any complex technical jargons involved in the associated techniques. The author stresses on the importance of time management, self motivation, proactively handling distractions, deadlines and the importance of finding alternatives to traditional support networks to undertake a successful e-learning journey. Each section is supported by strategy activities for the reader. This book is not an encyclopaedia of technical know how about how to create an e Learning course material. And this book not even claims to be so. Instead it is aimed at the novice e- Learner to take the worry out of e-learning. 

I usually do not review e-Books. After spending about half of my day before this mighty device called computer for my day job or otherwise, I love to stay in the peaceful world of printed words. When Dr Liz Hardy requested me for reviewing her e-Book, the topic interested me and I accepted the request. I am glad that I did. Thank you Liz for sending this review copy.

Get hold of this book if you are a novice e-Learner and afraid of diving into this wonderful sea called e-learning. This book will not teach you swimming. Instead, without setting any false expectation, it will show you why you need not worry about the deep sea. This small e-Book is playfully written and very easy to read. The e-Book is available for purchase at amazon.

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